Our daycare programme is more than just a creche for the children of single or working parents. We believe in a wholesome development of every child. We monitor the behavior, appetite, mood, and health of every child, just like a parent would.


We make sure your children have nutritious meals at the right time, get the required amount of rest and activity, and are happy throughout their time here. We also encourage socializing and team work because character begins to build at a very young age.


Do you feel guilty about not giving your child enough time to prepare them for elementary school levels? Our kindergarten programme is just the thing you need. While you are busy at work, we use our fun programs to teach your toddlers the number, the alphabet, and some reading. Our teaching programs involve fun methods so that children enjoy studying rather than dread it.


Our kindergarten programme has different focus groups based on age and potential. We monitor your child’s progress and keep giving them lessons they are ready for, so that when they finally go to elementary school, they will be ahead of the other children.


Our playschool programme is created with the aim of all round mental and physical development of every child in our care. We device puzzle games, word and number games, and more to ensure that your child’s brain is getting some healthy exercise.


We also focus on playtime in the outdoor space so that little children get used to the good old playing outdoors instead of getting hooked on gadgets when they get back home. Habits form early and we do our part.